My Story

It is about a decade ago that I started to experiment with laser cut techniques. One of my first projects was making 2D typographic designs into 3D objects. And that was only the beginning of me learning the countless possibilities a laser cutting machine offers. Soon I decided to buy my own laser cutter and ever since I have been hooked to creating with this creative burning machine, working from my studio named Mr Laser Cut.

With a 20 year background in the graphic industry and my fascination with layers, I am trying to push my laser cutter to its limits (an ongoing process). Mainly I am trying to experiment with different techniques, materials and software to generate amazing works of art and find out the limits of those ingredients. Each artwork is handmade with the highest quality materials in my studio in The Hague, Holland. Currently I am working on new art projects under the name of Burning Sander.

Periodically I will update this site with new designs. So stay tuned!


Sander van Heukelom